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Jeffrey Dach MD                                 

TrueMedMD was founded in 2005 by Jeffrey Dach, M.D. The office is located at 7450 Griffin Road Suite 190 Davie Florida, 33314.  telephone 954-792-4663.

TrueMedMD is an outpatient clinic specializing in natural medicine treatments for common medical problems. 

Included in this list are:

 1) Bio-identical hormone supplementation/replacement.
 2) Natural thyroid for the low thyroid condition.
 3) Natural occurring supplements rather than patented drugs.
 4) Extensive highly sophisticated medical test panels including food and chemical intolerances.

Jeffrey Dach, MD started his medical career with Board Certification in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, and has 25 years experience as an Interventional Radiologist at Memorial Hospital in Hollywood. 

After retiring from the practice of diagnostic and interventional radiology because of declining visual acuity, Dr. Dach became
the medical director of an outpatient clinic in Davie Florida, TrueMedMD.

Dr. Dach has been
licensed to practice medicine in the State of Florida since 1981.

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